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Homemade cannabis content, delivered fresh daily.

Juice Pouches (presented by Ardent)

WeedFeed and Ardent are at it again, bringing some extra fun to our long awaited summer. Portable, highly Instagramable and easy to serve, juice pouches aren’t just for kids anymore… especially these cocktails with a little green added...


Dunkaroos (presented by Ardent)

WeedFeed and Ardent joined forces to mash up a 90’s childhood favorite with a very adult indulgence. Dunkaroos made a comeback in 2020, not a moment too soon, and we decided to run with it. Decarbed and infused with the Ardent FX by WeedFeed...


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Homemade cannabis content, delivered fresh daily.

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Classic and fresh Cannabis-infused edibles recipes to DIY and get the most out of your greens.

How Keto Cannabis brownies

The keto diet is here to stay so why not find a way to DIY perfectly indulgent brownies for everyone at the table. The key here is quality cocoa powder! Don’t neglect it.  If the baking dish starts to bubble over and look a little...

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How to make Weed Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a childhood staple beloved on sandwiches, in smoothies, candy and even spooned straight out of the jar. It’s an american delight that happens to be packed with protein and heart-healthy fats. What could make peanut butter...

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Fresh off the grid and onto your wall, Cannvas by WeedFeed smashes stereotypes, sparks conversations and keeps the good times rolling.

T-Shirts, Crews and Hoodies in the softest cotton our fabric snobs could source. Emblazoned with the art you know and love. Cannabis = Coziness.

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