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WeedFeed is a media and lifestyle brand that encompasses entertainment, education, events and luxury products for the highly functional. Planted in New York City and blossoming on the internet since 2018, it has become a digital destination for creative inspiration, breaking news, high end gifts and a means of connecting with other like minded cannasseurs near and far.


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We’re on a mission to change current world views around cannabis and those who consume it. In doing so, we can help those who have been adversely affected by unfair policies and also improve the quality of life for people who have shied away, despite being able to benefit from it.

We believe that cannabis pairs best with the greatest stuff on earth – food, art, nature, music, comedy, community and mental health. For such a powerful plant that compliments some of the greatest joys in life, there should be no barriers – cultural or legal – to discourage its use.

Today, the few cannabis media platforms that exist tend to hyperfocus on one archetype of cannabis consumer, whether it be “hardcore stoners,” or “self care girlies” or “canna-moms” or “cannacurious”. WeedFeed represents every face of cannabis, because we truly can be found in every corner of the world. Whether you’re an avid smoker, a first time vaper, a weekend dabber or someone who tried it in the 80s, WeedFeed welcomes & celebrates you.

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