Cannabis and Sex: THC & CBD Lube

Cannabis Lube with THC or CBD has been called a miracle for people who want to enhance their sex lives, relieve pain and even get high in the process. Best absorbed through the walls of the vagina, these lubes are often best enjoyed by women. Though accessible to women of all ages, they are especially helpful for women going through hormonal changes, have decreased sensation or a decline in the production of natural lubrication. 

Though not absorbed particularly well through the penis, THC & CBD infused lubes are widely reported for their effectiveness during anal sex, which often requires plenty of lube to begin with anyway.  Since the anal area isn’t self lubricating like the vagina, for most people lube is a requirement not an option, so why not change it up with some added benefits. Always read your labels carefully when trying a new product as many Cannabis lube products are oil based and may not be latex/ condom compatible. 

There are two types: CBD infused lubes, and THC-infused lubes. CBD lubes won’t get you high but many users have reported improved natural lubrication, reduced pain and enhanced orgasms. Cannabis lubes of all sorts have also been known to help women suffering from the pain of endometriosis, uterine fibroids and even menstrual cramps.

Even THC lubes won’t quite get you as high as an edible or joint but do have a powerful, even psychoactive effect. Improved sensation, decreased pain and longer, more powerful orgasms are often reported.  One thing to remember – THC lube won’t get you high when absorbed through your skin externally (like your hand) but if absorbed through any bodily orifices or if you use THC lube on yourself and someone gives you oral sex, there’s a good chance they will get high! 

*Weedfeed in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that cannabis usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state cannabis laws.

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