CBD for Pets: Can Cannabis help your dog?

The benefits of CBD for anxiety and stress are remarkable in both humans and animals and can be helpful during travel, thunderstorms and for separation anxiety. 

My foray into the medicinal properties of Cannabis for dogs began with my dog Max’s fear of thunderstorms. 30 min or so before any thunder or lightning is perceptible to humans, Max starts to panic. He’ll find a corner and crouch down and look perfectly hopeless and miserable. This is heartbreaking and it can’t be good for him in the long run. Apparently comforting your anxious dog makes them feel as though they’re being “rewarded” for this behavior which isn’t what we want either. 

I’ve found myself in a bind lately and have to leave NYC temporarily. Needless to say, Max goes with me which means he’s about to take his first flight, in the cabin as my emotional support animal. It also means we’re going to Florida, in the middle of tropical storm season, no less. It was time to do something about Max’s weather dependent meltdowns and it had to be something he would take and something relatively healthy and natural. The Thundershirt provided no relief and seemed to only add to his stress so all roads led me to CBD.

After hours of research and gathering opinions, I settled on a reputable brand, placed my order and waited patiently for salvation to arrive at my doorstep. It should be noted that I’m not duped easily by miracle cures, wellness sales pitches or health trends.

Watching the weather and anticipating a storm (which can be anytime of the day or night here) I started giving Max little doses of his new wellness cure. I’ve been told it takes a little while to build up in their systems so why not try little doses every day and then a little more before a storm. Truth be told, I don’t know how much it has helped. Have the storms really been as bad since I started giving him the tincture? Maybe that I haven’t noticed a big change is a good sign that he’s acting more like himself. 

After about three weeks of CBD, at $60 for 30 servings which last about 2 weeks, I’m going to need a better long term solution or at least something I can see more results with. Or we can just move back to NYC where we belong!

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