Hall of Flowers 2021: Fashion and Function in the Cannabis Industry

Hall of Flowers is the inimitable, industry leading Cannabis trade show that brings together the best and brightest in the business. Hosted in Santa Rosa, CA, the highly curated, B2B event attracted conscious cannabis lovers from around the world for a much needed, elevated meeting of the minds.

What didn’t start out as a fashion centered event has very much evolved into one and so, at this intersection of creativity and innovation, we found a lot of smokers who really know how to put a look together. 

If you’ve ever seen a dab rig, you know that function often dictates form and as a community very accustomed to having to stash things away, it’s no surprise that the backpack, belt bag and tote bag game was on point throughout the event. Sometimes a pocket just isn’t enough (and no one can roll a joint with one hand) so a hands free, easily accessible bag is de rigueur for any smoker. 

Summer doesn’t feel over in California and the sleeveless, cropped and otherwise minimal clothing really brought the sunshine into autumn. Smokers are about comfort and trade shows are about walking so naturally, high end sneakers and boots reigned supreme. Loose fitting jackets, natural fabrics and bold colors and prints were plentiful and the young, ambitious denizens of the event absolutely dressed to impress.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite looks from Hall of Flowers.

@natashaprz from 


Style, comfort and Feminism have seldom looked so effortlessly stylish together as they do here. Individually screen printed by hand, the “Buy Weed From Women” Tote Bag gets its message across flawlessly while keeping its owner free to move about the show. The Vans here will keep her comfortable and the practical, but perfectly on trend crusher hat will provide the shade we all need as we say goodbye to summer. 



TAYLOR + tess

These Denim Chaps from Ivy Park are a celebration of summer if there ever was one. Certainly not featured here for their practicality or their roomy pockets, they’re an irresistible conversation starter and worn so beautifully by Tess. Topped with a very sensible black tank, because you can’t top denim chaps with just anything. 


Chef who specializes in Cannabis infusions 

Fresh and minimalistic, white on white is almost always a win and this mini skirt and crop top are no exception. The pops of color on her shoes and handbag keep this look modern and if you look close enough, you’ll notice her long sparkly nails that are threatening to steal the show. A distinguished chef and prolific smoker, Jorden makes beautiful things with her hands so it stands to reason that they would always be a show stopper. 

This Gucci Belt Bag was an early, high end take on the fanny pack and remains a classic. Featured on Sex and the City in its day, this bag is endlessly useful and pulls an outfit together without missing a beat. Equally at home at a fancy brunch or a music festival, a bag like this keeps your necessities close at hand without hampering your movement or style. 

Lime Cannabis Co was in attendance and so were their eye catching, impressively roomy tote bags. In an era of generic tote bags, this one didn’t miss the mark and will surely be treasured and toted about by anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it. 


IG Content Creator

Worn with effortless style, this Ivy Park jacket is light enough to enjoy as long as the summer weather holds up. It’s been a year of tie dye hits and misses but this burst of psychedelic swirl in an otherwise color blocked look absolutely hits the nail on the head. The Converse x Keith Haring kicks and on-theme socks finish off one of my favorite looks from the event.. 


IG Content Creator 

Yes, more Ivy Park and I’m starting to sound redundant (or worse, sponsored) but Jordan looks so good in this jumpsuit, I couldn’t not include him. A simple, but complimentary, crayola yellow t-shirt makes this denim really pop and the brand-adjacent Adidas belt bag is not only practical but effortlessly on theme for a jumpsuit. 


Brand- Sonder Cannabis

Perhaps more branded and curated than most of the other looks here, these two are absolutely winning the game. Playful and perfectly on brand, these coordinated looks are certainly eye catching and those who hadn’t heard of Sonder Cannabis before this, will surely not forget them in a hurry. 


Marketing and Branding Consultant

Betsy absolutely understood the assignment.  After all, HoF is all about our favorite psychoactive flower and you’d be hard pressed to find a more joyful, effortlessly chic and on trend dress than this. Perfectly paired with evil eye thwarting beaded earrings, no bad vibe stands a chance. 

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Here are a few more looks we loved:










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