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Chocolate Truffles

Bite-sized and packed with flavor, these chocolate truffle bites are small but intense and make a great beginners infused cannabis edible.  When just a bite will do, these truffles are all you need. Quick and easy to make, they make dosage a breeze when you just want a little something.

Makes 10 servings= 17mg THC/per serving

2 cups condensed milk

6tbs milk chocolate powder

2 tablespoons Cannabutter 

Sprinkles (rainbow and/or chocolate!)

Small pastry paper cups

Pour condensed milk into a saucepan and start to cook over medium heat. Add chocolate powder and incorporate fully. Add Cannabutter and stir well. Prepare a well buttered plate and pour truffle mixture onto it, allowing it to set for at least 5 min. With well buttered hands, form chocolate mix into 1-1 ½” balls and roll in sprinkles. Put your sprinkled truffle into a small paper pastry liner and serve with love and surrounded by friends. 

End of: Chocolate Truffles