Cannabis for Anxiety?

by Jade Brown

With the popularity of CBD, THC and Cannabis on the rise across the states, along with our new friend Corona, people are looking for alternative ways to deal with stress. Let’s admit it, we’ve all spent a hefty amount of time considering the benefits of weed. But, just how safe is cannabis when trying to self treat anxiety and depression? We’ve gathered some legit info to guide you in the right direction. 

It’s all about the dosage

Remember all the times your mom would hand you half a chocolate bar because if not, you’d end up in the closet at 2am talking to your toy llama, Shiela? No? Well, cannabis use has a similar effect. Before smoking half an ounce of weed, you want to make sure you’re taking in a small and comfortable dosage, that way your body can ease its way into the calming effects of THC. If your intake is too high, it can actually worsen your anxiety, and that’s a big NO! 

Have you heard of microdosing? The meaning is pretty literal. The idea of microdosing is taking the small amount to achieve a settling effect. When it comes to edibles, research suggests that 2.5 milligrams is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to take the edge off without worrying about taking too much. But, make sure to wait an hour and try it for a few days before upping the measurements. We get it, you want to feel gooooood. We do too, but safety first. 

Picking the right products

Topicals, Edibles, Vapibles and more – how is anyone supposed to choose the right one? When combating anxiety with cannabis, it’s important to experiment cautiously. The perfect product is an essential tool when treating stress. 

Topicals are probably a great trial item for anyone who has never smoked weed and what’s to relieve localized physical pain. Cannabis-infused creams and lotions are extremely beneficial to anyone with chronic pain because it works as a natural relaxant and reduces inflammation. Neuroscientist Dr. Adie Wilson-Poe believes that for some patients, cannabis use is actually more effective than opioids. Bye Vicodin! 

We all knew that one kid in high school who sold weed brownies out of his backpack, he was our introduction to edibles. Now, edibles may seem like the most harmless way to get a buzz, but that’s not necessarily true. Due to the unpredictable distribution of weed in food, it’s really difficult to determine how much cannabis you’re truly consuming, especially when they’re home-made. The best way is to be in control of your own intake, make your own weed treats! Psst, we’ve also got recipes for that. And as always, start with a small bite, wait an hour and decide whether 1 bite was perfect or 2 bites are worth a try. 

Vapes seem to be the simplest method for consuming weed. With blossoming legal products such as vape pens on the market, it’s super easy to know what you’re getting. Each cartridge will list the gram amount and details in the description, or on the back of the box like how many MG of THC, CBD and the good ones will list out the other cannabinoids as well. You even have the choice of choosing a vape pen solely containing CBD, which is major for any anxiety or pain sufferers who are not trying to get high. Great gift for granny. Keep in mind though that black market vapes (the ones you get from a dealer vs legal product from a dispensary) are a big question mark and cause for concern. It’s easy for a greedy weed dealer to skimp on quality pen technology, use additives to the concentrate and fuck with the over quality of the vape so with this category, we perfer to keep it strictly legal and buy from brands who are very transparent about what’s inside. 

CBD is your friend

Cannabis is not accessible in all states, but CBD or Hemp Extract could be your next big shot. CBD is a serious active ingredient in cannabis. Most people would describe it as the chemical that calms you down, but doesn’t get you stoned. 

Common CBD products include: 

CBD oil

CBD capsules 

CBD gummies 

CBD dabs & waxes

CBD topical

Some CBD products do contain small doses of THC – these are usually called full spectrum cbd products. This means, instead of taking out JUST the cbd molecules at the processing level, they take out some of those other complimentary cannabinoids too in small amounts to help the CBD really shine. Think 1 lonely iron man vs the whole Avengers squad. But don’t worry, the thc usually comes in at under .3% so not nearly enough to make you feel any type of high. Just enough to give the CBD the backup and confidence it needs to work its magic. Unless you’re planning on downing an entire bottle in one go, you should be okay. 

Furthermore, trying weed for anxiety doesn’t have to be scary. Unless, you’re extremely anxious and everything scares you. It’s all about finding the dosage that works, the ideal product or giving CBD a go. And for first timers who really want to ensure that their first experience is a positive one, make sure you try it with people who make you comfortable and in an open, pleasant environment. A little green can do a lot of good in the right hands

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