Germany On-Route to Legalize Cannabis

Germany’s Draft Bill for Cannabis Legalization

Germany has taken a significant step towards the legalization of cannabis by publishing a draft bill aimed at dismantling prohibition policies. The proposed legislation is part of a two-pillar model designed to address public health, curb the illicit market, and strengthen child and youth protection.

Under the draft bill, adults over 18 would be allowed to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal use and grow a maximum of three plants. This move reflects a shift towards a more progressive approach to cannabis regulation in Germany.

Introduction of Cannabis Growers’ Associations

The draft bill also introduces the concept of cannabis growers’ associations, with a membership limit of 500 individuals. These associations would provide cannabis for personal use, allowing members to receive a specific amount per day or month, as well as seeds or cuttings for cultivation.

The removal of cannabis from the Narcotics Drugs Act grants more flexibility to the medical cannabis industry. The proposed legislation primarily focuses on improving access to medical cannabis by allowing patients to obtain regular prescriptions rather than specialized narcotic prescriptions.

Potential Influence and Timeline

If approved, Germany could become the third EU member to regulate personal cannabis use, following Malta and Luxembourg. The draft bill is expected to be approved by August and subsequently reviewed by the federal parliament. A decision on cannabis legalization could be made this year, marking a significant milestone for Germany and potentially encouraging further discussions at the EU level.

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