How to Make Cannabis Honey

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Bored with Cannabutter but want to make easy weed edibles or new cannabis recipes in your Crock Pot or kitchen? Cooking with cannabis and making your own marijuana edibles can be easy and rewarding as long as you know how to cook with Cannabis. 

Have you ever yearned for a sweet, simple edible that doesn’t need to be made into a prepared food? A little something you don’t NEED to spread on a cracker or mix into a cake recipe? What if it also had a strong enough flavor that you could barely taste your sticky, herbal greens as they go down? What if you could prepare it in a jar, odor free, so that your kitchen remains above suspicion? I can tell you that a spoonful of honey certainly helps the cannabis go down.

Honey bees have been giving humans their sweet nectar for millennia and we’ve been treating illnesses, soothing sore throats and making delicious desserts with it for as long as we have on record. Honey is made by female worker bees from the nectar of the flowers they pollinate. Once returned to the hive, a bee will pass the soon-to-be-honey back and forth from her and her sisters until it’s viscous enough to be stored in the honeycomb, sealed up and saved for leaner winter months. 

For this recipe, we recommend finding the purest honey you can. Not only is it healthier for us than industrial honey cut with corn syrup and whatever else but supporting a beekeeper and farm with good business practices also supports bees. Honey bees perform more than 80 percent of all pollination of cultivated crops so humanity had better take good care of our small, 4 winged friends.

Honey can be easily mixed into your morning brew of tea or coffee, cooked into edibles, drizzled over sweat or savory foods or just enjoyed by the spoonful. 

Gather your grass:


1/4oz (7g) flower

2 cups honey

Using these proportions (can easily be halved) and based on a strain with 23% THC, you’re looking at 15.09 mg of THC per 1 teaspoon serving. Please sweeten responsibly!


A mason jar  (amber preferred for long term storage)

Cheesecloth and/or a fine mesh sieve

A parchment lined baking sheet for decarbing

A crock pot OR stovetop pot OR a sous vide setup

  1. Roughly grind (don’t pulverize) your greens and decarboxylate. If you need a little refresher on decarbing, please follow me right this way…. (link to decarb)
  1. Once your goods are set to go, wrap them securely in cheesecloth. You can also put your flower directly into the honey and pour the warm honey through a fine mesh strainer at the end but it can be a little messy and increase the herbal flavor of the end result. Players Choice. Fill your jar with honey and add your goods. Seal the jar just fingertip tight. Too tight and your jar may break!
  2. Choose your cooking method and get to it:

Crock Pot Method: Place the jar in the crock pot and surround with water. Set the crockpot to 220F and allow it to cook for about 1 hour.

Stovetop method: This is the least precise method and requires the most supervision. Place your jar in a pan of water that reached about ¾ of the way up the jar. Using a kitchen thermometer, heat the water to about 220F and find a balance to maintain that temperature for about an hour. Allow to cool slightly and remove. 

Sous Vide Method: Place the jar in the water bath, making sure the water reaches about ¾ of the way up the jar. Set your immersion circulator to 90C (195 F) and allow it to cook for 2 hours. 

  1. When the timer sings it’s sweet song, remove the jars from their cooking devices and allow it to cool enough that you can comfortably open the jar but not so much that the honey loses its viscosity. Remove the cheesecloth bundle with tongs and squeeze gently to get some honey out but not so much that you get too much herbal flavor. Alternatively, you can pour the hot, liquid honey through a fine mesh sieve set over another jar and strain the honey that way. The sieve method requires the honey to be quite warm! 

Unlike pure, raw honey, CannaHoney will go bad eventually. I highly recommend keeping it in an amber jar or away from light and enjoying it within 6 months.

Weedfeed in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws.

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