Cheers to Cannabis: Beer Sales Take a Hit in Canada After Legalization

In a twist that surprises no one, a recent study from Canadian researchers has confirmed what many suspected: cannabis legalization is putting a dent in beer sales. The study, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, reveals a significant decline in beer consumption across Canada since the legalization of non-medical marijuana in 2018.

Researchers from esteemed institutions like the University of Manitoba and the University of Toronto found that beer sales plummeted, with an average monthly reduction of 136 hectoliters per 100,000 population post-legalization. (For those scratching their heads, a hectoliter is a unit of measurement often used in the beverage world—it’s the total of 100 liters, roughly 26 gallons.)

While beer guzzlers might mourn, cannabis enthusiasts are toasting to this newfound trend. The study suggests a classic case of substitution, where folks are swapping pints for puffs. As one researcher quipped, “Beer sales continued to decline in the post-legalization period, suggesting that individuals are moving away from beer towards legal cannabis.” It seems like Canadians are opting for a different kind of buzz, and who can blame them?

But fear not, spirit lovers! The study found no significant impact on sales of whisky, rum, or other hard stuff. So, while beer taps might be drying up, the liquor cabinet remains untouched. As one analyst noted, “Legalization was associated with declines in sales of canned and kegged beer but there was no reduction in sales of bottled beer.” Turns out, cans may be preferred to bottles, especially when paired with a good ol’ joint.

In the end, it’s clear: cannabis legalization is reshaping Canada’s beverage landscape. As marijuana tax revenue surpasses that of beer and wine combined, it’s high time we raise a joint to the green revolution. So here’s to you, Canada—where cannabis sales are soaring, beer sales are sinking, and everyone’s just trying to find their own kind of buzz. Cheers! 🍁

Potter, N. (2024, March 4). Adult-use cannabis legalization in Canada has led to beer sales decline. High Times.

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