The World of Cannabis Dinner Parties

It’s safe to say that edibles have gotten much better (and tastier) since the days of your college roommate’s special brownies. From celebrity chefs, to corporate catering, recipe books, and Netflix cooking competitions, cannabis infused food has become the latest movement in the culinary world. Despite its popularity though, it can be trickier to figure out what types of edibles you can safely consume and what works best for you. So, we pulled together a list of places to start your cannabis culinary journey. 

Dining Out

So far the only legal restaurant serving THC infused food is in West Hollywood and as much as we want to believe in our friend who says he knows a guy who can get us into those infamous cannabis steak dinners in NYC, it’s a bit hard to find a lot of restaurants incorporating weed into their menus. And this is where CBD takes the stage, particularly in the restaurant scene in New York. From an entirely CBD based room service menu at the James New York NoMad Hotel, to infused cocktails at the Ace Hotel and our own Weedfeed Infused dinner parties right here in our little corner of Brooklyn.

Cannabis Catering

If you want to feel like you are in an episode of Bong Appetite, cannabis catering services are the way to go. Personal favorites for us would be dining with Jorden Kedem in NY & LA – host of WeedFeed’s show Taste Buds. We also like Dirt which is located out in Toronto, and The Herbal Chef in LA. Jorden has immense expertise in cooking, baking and health – she is known for making edibles that are tasty, healthy and functional. Dirt partners with celebrity chefs; including Tonya Papanikolov, Anthony Rose, Natasha Pickowicz, and Fabiola Escobosa; to create seasonal menus that would speak to any palate. From THC tacos to brunch (did someone say infused maple syrup), Dirt collaborates with their chefs to create custom menus and allows diners to combine their love for food and weed all in one bite. 

Home Cooked Cannabis 

In the era of social distancing, nothing sounds better than a good old-fashioned dinner party at home. This option also allows everyone to actively get involved in the process and interact with the food on a more personal level. If your goal is to get high fast, this isn’t your best option. But if you enjoy the process of cooking/crafting/DIY – this is a hell of a way to spend a sunday afternoon or even a second date. Heads up – Just because you make a mean casserole doesn’t mean you can just throw some THC in it and expect it to be effective (let alone taste good). For a proper millennial dinner party, we would encourage referencing Taste Buds or our recipe guide to discover recipes for every occasion, for beginners or novices – that have been tried and tested at the WeedFeed test kitchen.  

Cannabis has been infused into a lot of ingredients including honey, coconut oil, cooking oil, alcohol, butter and wine. The only caution with these products is to make sure you know your customer – most people’s tolerances aren’t as high as Snoop Dogg’s so we recommend you don’t use too much of your infused fat/alcohol in each dish. Oftentimes, if a dish requires a good amount of oil, it’s recommended to use both infused and non infused versions so that diners could make it for dessert. 

An added benefit to cooking at home is that you can customize the menu to whatever your tastes are. Craving an Infused Spicy pimento sub? There’s a recipe for that. How about a decadent cherry and pear tartlet for dessert (a la mode is recommended)? There’s a recipe for that. Or what about a CBD infused Watermelon Salad? Yep, there’s a recipe for that too.

So with the culinary world embracing cannabis for elevated, delicious infused foods and drinks, there is no reason not to try your own dope dinner party. 

End of: The World of Cannabis Dinner Parties