CBD Isolate How To Use

CBD Isolates vs. Full Spectrum CBD and what are they used for

The benefits of and uses of CBD isolates and full spectrum tinctures and topicals have been the go-to solution for arthritis, inflammation, anxiety and even epilepsy since they appeared in the wellness market. Endlessly praised as a non-psychoactive way to treat a variety of ailments, hemp-derived CBD doesn’t have the effects most people associate with cannabis, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely free of THC. 

Hemp-derived CBD contains 99% pure CBD and (legally) up to 0.3% THC. These are full spectrum products that many prefer as they’re believed to be a little closer to how the original flower is consumed. Many people prefer these products as they’re closer to the natural source and they tend to be more effective thanks to the entourage effect of all the other naturally occurring compounds.

An isolate on the other hand contains no THC at all. Generally when the CBD is extracted, all psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant are removed. After a refinement process that removes all other phytocannabinoids, including the THC and any plant matter, you’re left with nothing but pure CBD. This is ideal for anyone who is wary of the possibility of any THC in a full spectrum product as they can still enjoy the benefits of this remarkable cannabinoid without other unwanted compounds by choosing an isolate. 

CBD is ideal for anyone looking for smokeless consumption as it’s often found in tinctures, topicals and edibles. The optics of cannabis use are important to some consumers and using a few drops of tincture in ones tea feels a lot less threatening than a pre roll, even if it’s a CBD specific product. Roll ons and creams are also touted for their use in muscle recovery, joint pain and even as personal lubricant. 

While CBD remains CBD, the products and dosages vary tremendously and some people do marvelously on one gummy and a different brand will often have an entirely different effect. While I’m certainly not here to dispense medical advice, I do recommend trying any new product containing CBD from the comfort of home, when you won’t have to drive or be very responsible for something in the few hours that follow. Much like taking any advice you might find online, know that CBD is far from a cure all and it can be dangerous to treat oneself with wellness remedies when you may have a more serious underlying condition. 

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