How to make Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea is a wonderful way to indulge in our favorite flower – when you’re not in the mood for a smoke -and it’s so easy to DIY, you’ll never look back. You can add a complimentary herbal tea or extract to it as well to personalize your brew. 

Tea has long been loved for its comforting vibe and health benefits. Every culture has it’s way of steeping teas and herbs for culinary and medicinal uses

Here, we’ll focus on three of the most popular ways to get your greens ready for tea time.

  1. Tea method: One can steep dry cannabis flower into hot water, just as one would prepare any other loose leaf tea. This is certainly the simplest but also the least effective as THC isn’t water soluble so you’re not getting quite the same bang for your buck.
  2. Latte Method: Making a fat based cannabis edible and blending it with hot tea to make a latte-style drink. Starting with an infused coconut oil for example, that you can easily blend into any tea your like.
  3. Tincture method: Adding a cannabis tincture to your tea of choice is simple, easy and very effective. It may feel less like a tea and if your tincture has a strong flavor, it may not be what you’re looking for. 

When one looks at dried cannabis flower, the “tea method” may seem to be the most obvious. After all, it works for all the other herbs and teas we steep in hot water, so why not cannabis? Just like we discussed in Decarbing, THC needs to be decarbed and (ideally) infused in a fat to be as effective as we want it to be. 

Which brings us to the latte method! If you have some cannabutter or infused coconut oil on hand, adding it to you hot beverage and blending it well (electric blender highly recommended) will get you a frothy, IG ready concoction that is as silky and delicious as it is photogenic. This is a great tea method for brunches and parties since it does require a little more work and more cleanup.

The Effects of Cannabis Tea

Much like any other edible, these teas are as potent as you make them but will always take longer to hit you than smoking the equivalent quantity. Like infused foods, it needs to be metabolized in the liver and this takes a lot longer than when your lungs do the work. 

Like with any edible, always start slow with Cannabis tea. Give it time before you imbibe again or you may end up with more than you bargained for!

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