Cannabis Tincture Recipes Anyone Can Make

Cannabis Tinctures anyone can make at home

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that make dosage and THC very simple and this easy recipe will have you infusing your own weed tinctures at home in no time, which is especially good for people looking for smokeless consumption. 

It’s best to use the highest proof alcohol you can find that is still safe for consumption. Enter: Everclear, the same Everclear that made you trade in your shot glasses for a bong way back in college. Only now, your cannabis and Everclear team up to make easy THC tinctures to add to recipes and drinks.

Generally a gram of cannabis is perfect for 1oz of alcohol. Keep in mind that at this ratio, this whole recipe will yield about 920.00mg of THC so use that dropper bottle carefully!

THC should always be stored in the dark and this is no exception. Infusing the weed for about 3 weeks (recommended) in a dark cupboard and storing your goods in an amber jar are highly recommended. 

This does have some strong alcohol and cannabis flavor to it but with the few drops you’ll use to get your buzz, you should hardly notice it. 

Green dragon tincture/Infused alcohol 

6oz (12tbs, ¾ cup) Everclear 

4 grams Cannabis

  1. Decarb your flower.

2. Put Everclear and cannabis in a 16oz mason jar. An amber jar is preferred if you have one. 

3. Cover the opening with plastic wrap, followed by a standard ring lid to avoid contact with reactive surfaces. 

4. Shake well and wrap in an opaque fabric to protect from light. Wait 1-3 weeks. 

5. Pour through a fine mesh strainer and then funnel back into its jar or its final container (final storage container should be amber!)

This recipe packs a lot of power. Please be sure to label this very well and keep it away from children, pets or unsuspecting adults!

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