How to make Cannabutter

Making your own DIY Cannabutter at home is simple, easy and the perfect way to get started making edibles from scratch. Cannabis infused butter is an OG staple in any Cannaseurs kitchen and for good reason… it’s a very effective way to infuse just about any dessert and many savory dishes as well. A little bit does go a long way though so measure well and start small!

You *could* substitute margarine but if dairy is really an issue, consider trying our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipe before your resort to margarine! 

We use a ziploc bag here but a mason jar works beautifully as well! 

Regardless of what you make with your cannabutter, remember that THC should never be heated above 300F. Most ovens have a little range of inaccuracy so to stay safe, we usually stay at around 280F max!

50 servings = 16.10mg per servings


3.5g (⅛ oz) Cannabis, ground but not excessively finely

2 sticks unsalted butter 

First of all… Decarb cannabis… Scatter cannabis on a baking dish and cover.  Bake for 35min at 250F. Many ovens have a 20 degree or so range of temperature so to avoid burning your green gold, use a stand alone oven thermometer.

Melt your butter in a nonreactive saucepan. When the cannabis is ready, sprinkle into the butter and cook the mixture on low for 2 hours, stirring constantly. 

In the meantime, prepare cheesecloth, set over a strainer, over a bowl with a large ziplock bag open

When time is up, pour the butter through the cheesecloth, gently getting as much butter into the bowl without wringing the cheesecloth out (and getting too much herbal flavor in your butter)

Seal the ziploc bag and carefully snip one bottom corner to pour butter into your mold.

Sous Vide Method:

Alternatively, if you have access to a sous vide setup, package your flower in a food saver bag and submerge at 90C (194F) for two hours). This method eliminates any cannabis odor and keeps neighbors out of your business! You can continue with the sous vide method by opening the foodsaver bag when done and adding the butter, then simply resealing and returning it to the water bath for 4 hours at 85C (185F). The butter stage can also be done with a mason jar. For this (and all THC products) use an amber jar for long term storage. Light breaks down your precious goods so keep it safely tucked away and/or in a dark jar.

Safety tip: Label your edible ingredients so they don’t get confused with their THC free counterparts!

Refrigerate and enjoy!

End of: How to make Cannabutter