Easy Way to Roll a Joint

Rolling your own joints well is a valuable skill to have for a regular smoker and a pretty easy skill to learn. Whether you’ve been dependent on glassware for too long or have relied on the kindness of friends to get you rolling, it’s time to learn to do this properly.

This is a notoriously tricky thing to learn by reading bullet points, we know. That’s why we’ve created this show dedicated to rolling. 

You’ll need:

  • Cannabis
  • Small rolling tray or a piece of folded scrap paper
  • Rolling papers
  • Filters
  • Grinder
  • Lighter
  1. Grab some of your favorite flower and some rolling papers. Pull out any sharp stems that could poke holes while rolling. Start out with 1¼” papers. They’re a pretty common size and a good one to learn with. The rolling papers will very likely come interleaved in the paper packaging (like a baby tissue box) with a fold already in it and has one side with a strip of adhesive glue (kind of like a baby envelope) for sealing your joint.  
  1. Grind your weed and gather into a little pile on your folded scrap paper. If you want to add other smokable herbs, hash or extra kief, now is the time.
  1. Grab your rolling paper and filter. We like to roll our filters into an “W” shape for optimal airflow. Take one side of your flat filter paper (or a piece of business card), shape the end into a W and then wrap the remaining paper around the w to form the cylindrical filter. Make sure you do this before you start in on the joint itself so it’s ready when you need it. If you feel like its unravelling, put some pressure on that W to keep the folds and wrap in place.
  1. Most rolling paper comes with a fold in the middle. Find the adhesive glue strip… that’s the top… and make sure the self adhesive side is facing you. 
  2. Drop your filter into one end of the fold (oftentimes, rightys put the filter on the left and vice versa).
  1. Alongside the filter, scatter your mixed greens into the bottom half of your rolling paper, push it down in there and start shaping that flower rod by rolling gently up and down, pushing the rod downward until it seems dense and well shaped enough to proceed with the actual rollup. Make sure you’re using enough force to get a nice dense roll but not so much that you tear your paper.
  1. Using your thumbs and index finger, twist it up as tight as possible. Use a credit card to help with the tuck if you need at first but practice makes perfect here. Don’t worry if a little paper folds up in the roll, then lick the top and tape it closed. Promise you’ll get better with time – there’s some muscle memory involved with getting that tuck and roll just right but you’ll get there young grasshopper. 
  1. Tap the filter end gently on a table to get things settled inside and use an aux cord (rip) or a sholace tip or a paperclip to push down and pack in your flower in a little. 
  1. If you’re rolling in anticipation for later, twist the top. Otherwise, light up – and be gentle with that flame – focus in on just the tip. 
  2.  You know how to take it from here. Enjoy!
End of: Easy Way to Roll a Joint