How to Roll a Hash Joint

How to roll a hash joint

First off, what’s the difference between hash and cannabis flower and why choose one over the other? 

Hash is essentially pure resin which means that most of the time, it is a lot more potent than dried flower. Marijuana flowers can range anywhere from 2%-35% THC (the average % for solid weed from a dispensary is around 22%). Meanwhile, hash can range anywhere from 20-80% THC. As you can imagine, a little bit of hash can go a very long way. It’s still up to debate scientifically, but most people report a different high when consuming hash vs traditional weed flower. People claim to “feel a body high without too much of a head high” with hash and an overall different experience. Seeing as you need a lot more raw cannabis to produce hash and a lot more labor and knowhow to make, it’s also significantly more expensive. Knowing your dose is always important and all the more so with hash so feel free to follow our recommendations but start small if you’re new to this game. 

Other than a hash cup (separate article), hash is typically smoked after being thoroughly mixed with some sort of flower in a joint, bong or any other way weed can be consumed. 

Why do we recommend CBD Flower?  

Because cigarettes are… cigarettes. 

Because high THC weed will mess with the pure hash high (still good but we prefer to let the hash shine). 

Because good CBD flower comes with tasty terpenes (we love a good tangie) that compliments the flavor without interfering with the feeling. 

*our recommendations, but if you know your greens, you do you.  

You’ll need:

.7 grams hash or up to 1 gram if your feeling fancy

1g CBD Flower or Weed (traditionally mixed with ⅓ of a cigarette but…) 

Rolling papers 



A postcard or scrap paper folded in half

Paperclip or tweezers or your fingers if you’re fearless 

  1. Grind up your favorite herb and lay it out on a folded piece of paper. Grab your hash and press it into the shape of a nickel. Using a paper clip or tweezers or holding the edge of the hash coin, use a lighter to gently toast your hash from below, being careful not to let it catch fire (or burn your fingers). Make sure to warm both sides. If it does catch fire, blow it out, it’s not the end of the world. When it’s bubbly and smoky and likely soft and malleable, quickly drop it into your flower, cover it with the flower to protect your fingers and mix quickly and thoroughly with your fingers so it’s fully integrated. There should be no large chunks of hash.
  2. Grab your rolling paper and filter. We like to roll them into an “S” shape for optimal airflow. 
  3. Most rolling paper comes with a fold in the middle. Identify the adhesive glue strip, that’s the top. It should be facing you. 
  4. Now take the bottom half of the paper and fold that in half to create a little flower well. 
  5. Scatter your mixed greens into the bottom half of your rolling paper, push it down in there and start shaping that flower rod by rolling gently up and down, pushing the rod downward until it seems shaped enough to proceed with the actual rollup. Make sure you’re using enough force to get a nice dense roll but not so much that you tear your paper or create an unsmokable rock solid log.
  6. Using your thumbs and index finger, twist it up as tight as possible. Don’t worry if a little paper folds up in the roll, then lick the top and tap it shut.   
  7. Tap your filter gently on a table to get things settled inside and use that paperclip to push down and pack in your flower a bit. 
  8. If you’re joint prepping for later, twist the top. Otherwise, light the tip slowly and evenly, sometimes hash needs a little extra heat to get things started. Hold the joint from the tip at all times and never ash hash. 



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